Lash & Brows 

Classic Manicure                          £30 shape, cuticle clean, buff, moisturise & paint   

Classic Pedicure                           £40

shape, cuticle clean, foot soak, buff, moisturise & paint    Gel Manicure                              £35

 shape, cuticle clean, buff, moisturise & paint   

Builder Gel Manicure                    £40

shape, cuticle clean, buff, mositurise & builder paint 

Gel X Extension NOT stick on nails             £40 

shape, cuticle clean, buff, apply extension and colour

Gel Pedicure                                £45 shape, cuticle clean, foot soak, buff, moisturise & paint

Classic Manicure & Pedicure           £65


Gel Manicure & Pedicure               £75


Gel Manicure & Classic Pedicure    £70


Classic Shape & Paint                   £40

shape, buff & paint

Gel Shape & Paint                        £55 shape, buff & paint     

Men Manicure                             £25

shape, cuticle clean, foot soak, buff & moisturise

Male Pedicure                              £35

shape, cuticle clean, foot soak, buff & moisturise         Removal                                        £5

sets done with us removal is complimentary with reapplication of similar or same treatment

Add On

French                                          £5

perfect french line. colour of your choice 

Massage Hand                            £10

relaxing, destressing hand massage

Massage Feet                              £15

relaxing, distressing foot massage  

Natural Glam                                 £45 

subtle makeup flawless finish with  natural strip eyelashes   


Full Glam                                        £55

bold finish to your liking. I.e Cut crease and full lashes       


Eyebrows and eyeshadow                 £20

sculptured eyebrows and a blend of eyeshadows  


1-1 Makeup sessions                      £70+

please email for more information 


Brow Shape                                    £10

create the perfect shape to lift the face and hairs are removed using wax   

Brow Tint                                        £10

hairs are dyed to create a natural but bold defined brow  


Eyelash Tint                                    £15

lashes are dyed to create definition


Eyelash Lift & Tint                              £45

lashes are curled, elongated and tinted 

Brow Lamination 

chic feathered brows

Mens Brow Shape                            £13

24-48 hour patch test is required and can be sent to you   


Travel is incorporated in the price.

If travel distance is over 45mins or in congestion zone there is an additional fee. 

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